Why Do Dogs Howl? 7 Shocking Reasons You need you to know

All the dogs do not howl Why Do Dogs Howl ?. Sometimes you may not receive a chance to hear a howl from your dog. It means it is not the main part of his everyday communication. On the other hand, the situation becomes very different from other dogs.
Furthermore, those dogs howl all the time. They have not a specific reason to do so according to our notices. For instance, some dogs howl when they see a squirrel in the garden, when they are sleeping or when they hear high noises.
So, what are the other reasons that cause the dogs to howl? Why do they howl every time when the others are just barking or whining? You may have such kind of matters. Do not worry. We are going to provide you proper answers to solve all your issues.
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Why Do Dogs Howl? 7 Shocking Reasons You need you to know

First, we must get a proper idea about the meaning of this ‘Howl.’ What is this? It is a vocal communication method for these dogs. It is the same action as barking and whining. Howl is an instinct that the dogs received from their wolf ancestors.
Moreover, these are the common reasons why do the dogs’ howl


  • To keep the contacts with others
  • The pain discomfort that they may feel
  • Signaling distress
  • Separation anxiety
  • To get the attention or the attraction
  • To warn predators
  • As a response to high pitched noises

Among these reasons, keeping communications, getting attraction, and signaling about a change that is going to happen in the environment are the main points here.

When to be concerned about howling?

As we have mentioned above, there are many reasons that cause the dogs to howl. Usually, we do not notice much difference between one howl from another. But let’s study these each reason separately, and it will be very important to get a good understanding of it.

Howling to sound an alert / get attention

You may have noticed that the animals have good attention to the environment that the humans. Moreover, they are aware of any change that happens around them. So, dogs howl to get any attention or an attraction because of such a change in circumstances.
As well as that, they howl because of pain or discomfort too. As you know, humans are the beings that can communicate their feelings or ideas properly. They can clearly say what do they need or how do they feel. But what about these animals?
Also, they need such a way to express their own feeling. How is such a method in their life? When they feel lonely, they howl. You may have seen some dogs do this when they are alone at home.

Howling in response to high pitched noises

Animals can hear the sounds properly than humans can. If there is a high-pitched noise, they feel it loudly more than us. For instance, they tend to howl when they hear the high sound of alarms. Also, they do it as a reaction to the other dogs’ howling.
In addition to that, some dogs howl as a reaction for different things such as the sounds of singing or harmonica. Keep in mind that not all the dogs howl as a reaction to these incidents. Sometimes, they prefer to bark or sticking instead of howling.
Does not your dog howl? If you need to hear it or experience it, try a video of sirens. Then, the pet will start to howl.

Howling in response to pain or discomfort

We do not expect only to play with the dog when we have such a pet. We expect him to secure our home when we are not there, don’t we?
Furthermore, dogs are good at that. If they feel any doubt, they will try to communicate with you. But how? They need a way to say that something is wrong there. That’s why they howl!
On the other hand, have you experience a baby’s crying. Why do they do so? Because of a pain that they might feel from an illness or injury. Likewise, dogs also howl to warn you about a sickness they may feel.
So, it will be better to visit your vet if your loving pet dog starts to howl frequently than the previous days, even without a clear reason. Otherwise, it will be too late!

Howling caused by separation anxiety

We have already mentioned that dogs tend to howl if they feel alone. Does your dog do it when you are working at your office? Without a doubt, your neighbors may have already complaint from you now. This is an important fact to be aware of soon.
As well as that, we can identify this situation as ‘Separation anxiety.’ What is it? Separation anxiety is the uncomfortable feeling they receive when they are away from their real owner.
Moreover, some dogs howl to call their lost family members. We can see it common among dogs. You must take the necessary action to solve this matter as it can be big trouble for the people who live near to your home.
How are you going to stop the dog from howling when he is alone at home? Certainly, it will be a tough issue to manage. On the other hand, it will turn in to worse if you do not do anything regarding this howling.
What I recommend you are, reaching to a dog trainer or behaviorist.

Why do some dogs howl more than others?

Not all the dogs howl at the same level. Some of them howl more than the other ones. In contrast, some dogs only bark or stick. It is based on individual dogs, or sometimes their breeds influence here.
Furthermore, while some dogs are prone to howling, others are known for barking. For instance, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Beagles howl more than the other dogs.

Why do the dogs howl at night more than in the day?

So far, we discussed the reasons for the dogs’ howling. It causes several reasons. Most of the time, those reasons are based on what the dogs feel. They use this howling as a media to communicate these messages to humans/ their owners.
As well as that, there is another type of reasons that causes this howling. The nature of the weather or the atmosphere also matters here. It means they tend to howl more in the night: especially at midnight.
Why do they do so? What type of factors affect to this condition? As we usually said, dogs howl at night more than in the day time. Have you experienced it? These are the reasons.
They howl because they are trying to protect their area. It means they create their own boundaries and live within that specific place with their limits. If anyone enters there, the dog starts to howl and say about their ownership.
In addition to that, you may have seen that some dogs piss in a certain area. It is like marking the boundary that they have created.
Another reason why they howl at midnight is the loneliness. It does not mention that night is a time that everything becomes silent and calm. As well as that, they may feel big loneliness at that moment.
So, the dogs howl. You do not need to be afraid of anything because of this howling. If your dog starts to howl at midnight, that means they are alone. They feel the loneliness, and that’s it! Nothing to worry about.
Moreover, they may be communicating with each other at night. As we have mentioned, it is another type of communication system for them. So, howling at midnight does not mean that the dogs are reacting for ghosts or something.
No one has proved or tested this factor. Can the dogs see the ghosts? Who knows!
Also, they howl because of illnesses. With the cool environment at night, the pain tends to arise. Then, the dogs cannot tolerate that pain. What they do is just howling.
If your dog is howling for many hours, it will be better to go and check about them. They may have injuries that you did not notice before. So, you must give treatments to them. But how are you going to do it if you did not see the injury?
Even you went to the dog and did not find an injury, do not be hurry to make a decision that the dog is healthy. He may be suffering from an internal pain that you cannot see.

The conclusion: What makes the dog howl?

Which factors get the dog howling? Do they howl as a reaction for the sounds? Or do they do it to react to anything else? Does the dog tend to howl at the instant the owner starts singing?
You may have such kind of matters before reading the article. So, we expect we provided you the proper answers for you now. Pay good attention to your pet dog. As we have mentioned above, they howl because of some special reasons.
Moreover, it will be better to try to find the reasons behind their howls as it is the main method of communication of the dogs. They may be trying to give you an important message regarding an emergency!

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