6 Reasons Why Dogs Howl at Night

6 Reasons Why Dogs Howl at Night

How does your daily life is going on? You leave home early in the morning and spend several tiring hours there. after that, you come to your home with that tired mood. At this time, what you need is to relax and you need a calm surrounding there, am I right?
However, all you need is to sleep well after all these things. How will you feel if you here a continuous dog howling after you just started to fall asleep? Even it is your loving pet, you won’t feel any affection at such a moment!
In addition to that, you will get up and go to check his food or water. Then, you will try to sleep again. unfortunately, he is howling again and again! what are you going to do? Why does he keep doing it? it will be better to consider this matter.
Does your dog howl at night? Without a doubt, it will be big trouble for you as we have mentioned above. The neighbors may have already complaint to you about this issue, haven’t they?
Before taking action to stop it, you must get an idea about the reason behind this situation. Why do they do so? if we know the answer, we will be able to do something to stop them from howling at midnight.
What is your idea about this case? Are they howling because of any ghost? Can they see such ghosts or not? It may bring shake in the spine. All of us have a memory that has collected negative information or ideas regarding dog howling at midnight.
As well as that, we have watched a lot of ghost films that show bad things happen when a do howl at such time. On the other hand, this bad information spreads as ‘word of mouth’. If it is about fear, we tend to believe without thinking too much because we get scared soon.
Moreover, the people who live in rural areas have such kinds of beliefs. If a dog starts to howl at midnight near to the village or inside the village, they believe that the dog is warning about a death that is going to happen in the village in the coming days.
So, most of the people consider this howling as a very bad thing. These beliefs are differing from country to country. Based on such differences, they have various kinds of belief systems about this howling.
Furthermore, you may have such kind of matters if you have a dog as your loving pet. Do not worry. This article is for you to help and let’s discuss the reasons for it. Stay with us!

Why do dogs howl (cry)at night?

What are this howling means? Why do the dogs do so? it is a method of communication that the dogs use to keep the contacts between the other dogs who live far away from them.
As well as that, this is the media that helps these animals to express their own ideas and feelings for the humans/ owner or their family members. In brief, we can identify 3 major reasons here.
They are,

  • To protect its area
  • Because of an injury (internal or external injuries)
  • Because of the loneliness

So now, let’s get a good understanding of these 3 major reasons in detail. Then, it will be easy for you to find the most suitable option to use as the best solution.

To protect its area

Usually, dogs tend to create their own boundaries. They always try to live within that certain area. If anyone else tries to enter, they stop them. You may have seen that the dogs piss in several places to mark the boundaries of the place he has selected.
Furthermore, dogs howl when someone tries to enter these places as a warning. Most of the time, this happens at night. The surrounding becomes more silent and they protect their land more actively.
So, it is one reason that answers the question; why do the dogs howl?

When a dog is injured

What is the difference between the night and the day? There are many! The environment becomes cooler and calmer. Also, it tends to be more silent. So, there are a lot of changes.
Your dog will howl more than in the night than in the day if he has an injury. The changed atmosphere will cause them to improve the pain he feels. If your dog starts to howl for many times in the night, it will be better to go and search about him.
In addition to that, he may have an injury that you have not noticed yet. But your dog may be suffering from an internal injury that needs quick treatments. Unless you provide the necessary treatments, it will be too late!
So, take your loving dog to a vet who lives nearby. Then, he will prescribe some medication.

Because of the loneliness

Don’t your dog howl when you are going to the office in the morning? Have you experienced it? Do you know the reason why do they howl at such moments? It is because of the loneliness they might feel!
In addition to that, we feel lonelier at night than in the day, don’t we? It is the same for the dogs too. the silent and the calm condition at this specific time lead them to howl. So, it is the reason behind this.
It means, there is not anything related to ghosts! Most of the time, we have seen this concept in many movies. Every time when a dog howl, they mean something bad or fear. This always happens in horror films.
As well as that, no one has proved that the dogs can see ghosts or souls. So, do not get scared when they howl at midnight. If they do so, that means they are lonely and that’s it!
On the other hand, what will we do when we are alone somewhere? We will tend to contact our friends or family members to get rid of that feeling. This is the thing that dogs are doing too. they are trying to communicate with their family members or friends at night.
So, this howling works as the media in the communication system. Also, the dogs start to howl when another one does it in the neighborhood. It is a very common fact.

Separation anxiety

What is this separation anxiety means? It is a type of dogs’ behavior when they are alone somewhere. They try to snuggle at such time. Especially, it happens at night.
He has an understanding of the comfort of your bed than his one. So, he wants to get into it. That’s why he tends to howl, and it is the method that the dogs express their loneliness to their owner/ owners. What you can do here?
Furthermore, there are many solutions that can help you in this case. For instance, you can arrange another comfortable bed for your pet dog on the floor. Then, he won’t feel lonely or he won’t suffer from the cool weather outside.
Also, this howling has other types of purposes instead of explaining their loneliness. It is, they are trying to get the attraction on them.

Conclusion / Final thought

Without a doubt, howling or crying at night will make anyone crazy and it is an action that is capable of annoying a person easily. If your dog is also howling, it is going to become a big issue for you! So, it will be better to be aware of this matter now.
In addition to that, what will happen if you do not try to control this unnecessary behavior of your dog? Certainly, you are going to spend many days without good relaxing on the bed. You won’t have a choice but to addict to the coffee.
Unfortunately, your neighbors won’t agree with this issue even you become patient regarding this howling. So, this is the importance of paying high attention to the howling of the dog. Because all of us need to sleep well. It is the same for the dog too.
How are you going to solve this matter? Before everything, you must get a good understanding of the reason why they howl. Without knowing those factors, you won’t be able to find a remedy here.
So, in this article, we have provided you the factors that the dogs carry out to start howling. That means, there are some issues that encourage your dog to howl. Now you may have a good idea or an understanding of this behavior of your dog at night.
What you can do now is, choose the most matching reason that caused to howl your dog. Then, it will be easy for you to control the dog easily. So, there won’t be such problems anymore. If there is no anything that you can do, we recommend for you to meet a vet or a dog trainer!

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