12 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat And 5 They Shouldn’t

12 human foods dogs can eat

All of us love pets, and we worry about all the things regarding them. Among these factors, feeding plays an important role. So, what are healthy foods for them? Is it okay for them to give human foods? Furthermore, the foods we eat may healthy for our body, but it does not mean they are suitable for our pets too.
So, let’s discuss it in detail with this article. Stay with us to read important tips regarding look after your loving pet!

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a food that provides a lot of benefits to the human body. So, it is also suitable for dogs. Give your dog the occasional tablespoon of unsalted peanut butter. Both of you can enjoy it. Isn’t it interesting?
However, be aware of the brand of peanut butter. Because some types of brands badly affect the dogs’ body. For instance, choose a product that does not include xylitol.
As we mentioned earlier, peanut butter is a portion of healthy food. It is a perfect source of protein. On the other hand, is not it a great photo opportunity for you?


Yogurt is always perfect for maintaining a healthy life. It includes various kinds of benefits for the human body. As same as that, yogurt is an ideal treat for dogs too.
Furthermore, yogurt is high in protein and calcium. Most of the time, people consider it a food that helps to solve the issues related to the digestive system.
In contrast, there are different kinds of yogurts available in the market. Some of them are prepared according to various colors and tastes. Even they are delicious, do not train to eat such yogurts to your loving pet.
So, be aware of purchasing the products that do not contain harmful artificial sweeteners and sugar.


Why do we eat? Because of the hunger! Is that all? No. Sometimes we expect to maintain a healthy life by eating several foods without considering the taste. We eat such meals to get rid of illnesses. Therefore, we can apply it to the dogs too.
In addition to that, do not provide your dog foods only to solve hunger. He must also be healthy and active. Have you felt that experience that your pet becomes ill? Without a doubt, it will be painful. So, keep him out of such illnesses.
Oatmeal is a perfect food that you can use to solve bowel irregularity issues. Also, it is good for pets with wheat allergies. How are you going to treat it to your dog? First, cook the oatmeal well but do not add any sugar.


Chicken is always delicious food for most of the people. As same as that, dogs also love to eat chicken. On the other hand, it will be a perfect replacement if you have avoided to provide him the dog food.
Also, chicken is an easy selection to the regular meals, and it helps to add some extra protein to his diet too.


Salmon is another healthy food that you can give to your dog. It benefits from omega-three fatty acids.


Broccoli is popular for solving a lot of health issues as it contains much nutrition. For instance, it is a vitamin-rich vegetable. However, anything is not 100% good or bad. Isn’t it? We can apply this theory to every food too. Broccoli causes gastrointestinal irritation sometimes.
So, do not make up more than 10% of the pet’s diet.


Can you ever try to feed your dog with pumpkin? Yes, you can give him pumpkin to eat as it contains many benefits to their body. Especially, it is a healthy food that includes vitamin A.
In addition to that, it will protect your loving pet from health issues regarding the digestive system.

Green beans

Green beans are a commonly used food in maintaining the projection of the body. If you search, you will find a lot of benefits that you can gain from green beans.
As well as that, it is a perfect food for the dogs too. Green beans have many nutritious, and they are low in calories. On the other hand, this is a great choice that loads the pets up with iron and vitamins.
However, the foods may not provide the best what it can give for you if you do not cook them in the right manner. It means if you follow a bad way to cook the food, the good in it will lose. So, be aware of the perfect way that you can take the quality of it.
It is the same as the green beans too. Most of the time, every food: especially vegetables are healthy when you take them as a fresh one. So, always try to provide your dog the fresh beans or canned ones. Pay your attention not to put salt with it.
There is another important tip that you must be aware of green beans when you are feeding the dog with them. Lecithins are a protein that is available in the green beans. Base on the amount of them, this protein leads to vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.
Moreover, this harmful impact can destroy by cooking properly. That’s why you must follow the necessary methods while you are cooking them, as we mentioned above. If you eat green beans raw, it will be typically safe.
In simple words, cook those green beans before feeding them to your dog.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is also a portion of healthy food that you can use to feed the dog. Without a doubt, he will love to eat this food. Don’t you think so? On the other hand, it also contains some risks too.
As we mentioned earlier, cottage cheese is a healthy food because it is high in protein and calcium. Also, we stated about the risk that it has. If your pet has issues regarding digesting dairy, it will be better to avoid cottage cheese.

Other cheese

Cheese is a portion of delicious food, and everyone loves to eat, isn’t it? Can we feed cheese to the dogs? Yes, we can! It is a statement of the American Kennel Club. The rule is, be aware of providing the dog only a small quantity. Then, it will be a perfect treat for them.
Moreover, choose products that include lower-fat options such as mozzarella especially, if your dog is not lactose intolerant.


It won’t need to mention the advantages that we can take from adding the carrots into our daily meals as everyone is aware of this vegetable. It includes vitamins and low in calories. As well as that, crunching n them will be good for the dog’s teeth.


Eggs are another healthy food that you can give to your pet. It is high in protein. On the other hand, it is high in fat too.
Same as the cheese, there is a relevant level or an amount that you must feed eggs to your dog. So, do not provide too much of eggs. Raw and undercooked eggs are also bad for the dogs.
The risk of contamination from bacteria like salmonella is another issue here. It will cause to make the dog sick.

Foods that do not fit for dogs


As humans, we love chocolate, and it does not create a big issue for our health. Sometimes, chocolate becomes the symbol of love that we use to express our feelings for someone special. But the condition is very different when it comes to dogs.
Furthermore, this is a food that you must avoid giving to your pet. But why is that? There are several reasons for this point. Mainly, it leads to vomiting, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, and seizures. If the situation becomes serious, it will turn even into death.
So, never give chocolate to your dog even it is a portion of tasty food for humans.

Grapes and raisins

Grapes are a delicious fruit that contains a lot of nutrients. There are many types of benefits that we can receive from eating grapes. But the impact of this fruit to the dogs is very different.
In addition to that, grapes are toxic to dogs. Also, it will lead to kidney failures.


We consume a big amount of onions as they include many of the foods we eat in our day to day life. That means it does not harm our bodies. But the onion is another food that you must avoid when feeding the dog.
Moreover, onions can cause to make the pet ill because it leads to damage to the dog’s red blood cells.


Avocado is also bad for dogs. We are not considering the fruit, avocado leaves, seeds, and bark are also bad for them as they include a toxic named person. It creates issues related to stomach and breathing.


Even a small amount of alcohol causes vomiting and seizures. Sometimes, dogs die because of too much alcohol. So, never try to give alcohol to your dog.

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