9 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Are you a person who is looking for Fun Games To Play With Your Dog? Ignore the same games that all the people are doing. Try to add some special activities to your dog’s routine.
As well as that, playing leads to keep your pet more active and it will provide you a lot of fun too. Without a doubt, it will be enjoyable. But do you know how to start or where to start? On the other hand, what are the dogs’ favorite games? What are the activities that we can use to train them to do several tasks? Is it important to play with the pet?
You may have such kind of questions. Do not worry. This article is for you to help! Begin with these fun games, and we have explained the importance of practicing them too.

Use a flirt pole

This is an activity that helps to keep the dog mentally and physically healthy. It is better to try this method with the high energy dogs as it tires out the dog.
Furthermore, a flirt pole is also called a flirt stick. To make such a stick, take a long pole, and attach a rope to the end. This rope works as a lure that can be used for the dog to chase. This is a great activity that provides many benefits.
First, it is a perfect opportunity to allow your dog to use its’ natural prey drive. The most important factor here is, this ability of them can be used in a non-destructive way. Second, you allow the dog to go or run according to your command. It leads to practice the basic impulse control.
Moreover, you must allow your pet to win when it catches the lure! Why is it important, or why you should do it? Because it makes the game more fun and active. On the other hand, it helps to keep playing too.
Unless your pet doesn’t try to continue the game because it won’t be encouraged, if you have no idea about how to make a flirt pole, try these things; some PVC pipes, a dog toy, and bungee cord. If it does not suit you, purchase one on amazon.

Play tug of war with your dog

This is a very popular activity among the people who play with dogs because it is a great physical exercise. Also, it helps to practice manners. So, you do not need to waste a lot of time teaching your pet. A tug toy is a perfect choice for you!
Moreover, there are some main rules that you must follow while playing this interesting game. Be aware of stopping the game if the teeth of your dog touch your skin. You must keep your dog out of being aggressive.

Play frisbee with your dog

Frisbee is another game that you can try with your dog. Here, what happens is promoting the dog to chase over a long distance. So, this is an advanced level of fetch.
If you and the pet are new to this game, try with a soft disc first. It is very important because it will cause to discourage the dog if the frisbee hits the dog in the face. We recommend you to toss the frisbee to a short distance or roll it on the floor.
Then, you can increase the distance of tossing it when your pet becomes more excited about the game.

Create your own agility course

Creating your own agility course is another perfect activity to use. This game also provides you many opportunities. For instance, you can teach your dog new tricks.
Furthermore, we invite you to make course items for your own instead of purchasing them from the pet supply stores. For instance, you can try a hula hoop to jump.

Use Kong stuffing and food dispensing toys

Are you looking for an easy game to play with your pet dog? Then, this one will be the best choice for you!
Kong was stuffing, and food dispensing is always a fun activity to do. Also, it is very easy to try, and you do not need to worry about finding the required tools here. As same as the other games that we mentioned above, this game is also including a lot of benefits.
In addition to that, it helps your pet to use its’ natural scavenging ability, and this is mentally stimulating too. If you are not interested in stuffing a Kong, there is another alternative for you. It is West Paw Tux toy.
Are not there any advantages for the owner from trying this game? Then, how do you get advantages from this activity as the owner? If your pet gets quite a stress every morning when you are leaving for the work, give your dog a stuffed Kong! It will work!
Furthermore, you have another option to try at mealtime that will help in mental stimulation. It is a ‘food dispensing toy”! what happens here is, the owner fills the toy up, and your pet must knock it around to get the meal.

Teach the dog to chase bubbles

Train the dog to chase the bubbles. It will also be fun. For the first time, blow some bubbles in front of the dog. Catch several bubbles to show the pet that there is nothing to be afraid of. The rule is, get those bubbles before touching on the ground or floor.
In addition to that, there is another important factor that you must be aware of. How are you going to blow such bubbles? You can use the bubbles that are made for kids. They do not include toxic. But we cannot say that they are 100% good for the health of the pet.
Because it will badly affect the stomach if they ingest a large amount of it, on the other hand, it will create an impact on your dog’s eyes too. So, do not forget to wash the face after the game.

Play some water games with the dog

Most of the time, dogs enjoy well at the beaches. Especially if they love swimming! So, take your pet dog to a beach on the days when you are free. Do not forget to take a doggie life jacket and toys to play in the water.
Furthermore, throw those toys to water and encourage your pet to fetch them. Before that, check whether do they float in the water or not. What can you do if you are not living nearby to a beach? Now, we are going to describe another trick to play in your own backyard.
First, take a plastic kiddie pool. Then, fill it with water. Most of the dogs love to play and splash everywhere with such pools. Throw the toys there and convert it to a ‘bobbing for apples’ game!
However, the main thing that you must think is the ‘safety of your pet’! Even this is a wonderful game. It won’t suit all dogs.

Play find the treats with the dog

Find the treat is another popular game that helps mentally stimulating and works as a nose work activity. The most special point here is, the pet never gets tired of it, and it is very easy to play. Even you use the same hiding spot. The dog won’t lose interest in playing it.
How to do this game? First, put a few treats on the ground and keep the dog in the stay position at that time. As the second step, give the command to release your pet. Then, encourage him to find those treats. If the dog is struggling to find them, it will be better to help. Also, admire when he finds one.
Without a doubt, it will be a very nice experience to see their expression when they find you finally.

Use a digging box

Does your pet dog love to dig the ground? Then, you can take advantage of that thing, and it is not going to be an issue anymore. Provide a digging box and encourage to dig in an area that you approve of.
Digging box? Make a digging box for your own at home. There are very easy and simple steps to follow. Go to the local hardware store and collect some wood and sand. Keep in mind to build a top to keep the cats away from that unless the cats who live in the neighborhood will use it as a litter box.
If your dog does not love to dig even you want, there is an option available for you! Hide your dog’s favorite toy inside it to encourage digging only in that specific area.

Play a game of hiding and seek

Hide and seek is another enjoyable game to try with your dog. Be the thief and let your pet to be the police. Isn’t it funny? Fun Games To Play With Your Dog
When your dog is playing this game, it leads to improving the ability of natural scent tracking. Command the dog to stay until you find a spot to hide. After that, call him. Do not forget to admire when the pet finds you.
In contrast, it will be better to ask for help from another person to keep your dog in a certain place while you are seeking a spot to hide.

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