Can Dogs Eat Apples Are Apples Safe For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Apples Are Apples Safe For Dogs

Apple is a popular fruit by now. They grow from seeds. Apple is sweet that dogs can eat. Apples are safe for dogs to feed. However, as a pet owner, you should consider some conditions when feeding apples. Apples contain a lot of nutrients. These nutrients are useful for your dog’s health. On the other hand, cores and seeds of the apple are a danger for some dogs. Do not feed too many apples for dogs because it is bad for dogs. It causes create gastrointestinal upsets in dogs. Therefore you should give apples for dogs in moderation. Strive to serve apples correctly and safely. Apples are a delicious fruit, and they are a good source of fiber. Many dogs love apples. Thus before feeding apples and other human foods, you should meet your vet to get more details.

How Are Apples Good For Dogs?

Further move, you can consume apples in various ways. For example, you can use juice, raw in salads, baked in pies, apple butter, and apple sauces. When feeding apples to dogs, you should consider related favorable and unfavorable things. In addition to that, an apple contains a low level of calories. Apples are high in fiber and water, but they consist of a low level of protein. They are suitable for digestive health. Mainly, they are more important for senior dogs or dogs with certain illnesses. And also, apples promote heart health in several ways. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol. Also, apples contain polyphenols, and that helps to lower blood pressure and stroke risk. In particular, apples are a good source of vitamins. They include vitamins A, C, and K. And also apples contain calcium and phosphorus. These vitamins are more favorable for dogs. Similarly, apples consist of antioxidants. It supports to warding off cancer and decrease the symptoms of joint disease.

When Are Apples Bad For Dogs?

Move over. You should consider about apple seeds and cores because they are essential things in feeding. Apple seeds include cyanide. That is toxic. Few apple seeds are not bad for dogs, but too many seeds are a danger for dogs. Therefore before feeding apples, remove seeds from apples.
Nevertheless, stems are evil for some dogs. As a solution, you can remove apple stems before feeding apples. The core of the apple is firm and not easy to chew. That causes choking hazard, and when swallowing it, it causes gastrointestinal blockage. Apple contains sugar, and it causes dogs that suffer from cancer or diabetes to generate problems. And also, too many apples work as a reason in stomach upsets or diarrhea. Usually, flavored apple products consist of sugar, artificial flavors, and chemicals. Therefore before buying these products, search the labels to get information. Always use food free from artificial sweeteners like xylitol. You can see many apples coated with substances, and they are bad for dogs. Organic apples are the best solution for that. Before feeding apples, wash them to remove herbicides and pesticides. Thus some dogs face allergies, and they cause anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition. If you can see the following signs in dogs, stop feed apples contact your vet.

How Should You Feed Apples To Your Dog?

In conclusion, feed apples without stems, seeds, and cores. And also you can cut them into small size pieces. There are many ways to feed apples for dogs. Few ideas are following.

  • Freeze and serve apples like a refreshing summer snack
  • Mix apples with dog’s food
  • Blend with other healthy fruits

Finally, according to these conditions, strive to feed apples and protect your dog’s health.
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